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Blooming Club
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About Us
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Welcome to Blooming Club, a reading club brought to you by The Commercial Press (HK) Ltd.

At Blooming Club, we believe that reading is an important skill that needs to be developed at an early age. For children at school in Hong Kong, reading for leisure, particularly in English, may well have to come second to studying other academic subjects. As a result, the important skill of reading, speaking and understanding English takes a back seat not only at school but just as importantly, at home.

Not only that, reading has to compete for time as children have much more tempting toys, electronic games, TV and the Internet to fritter their leisure time away. So there is less and less time for escaping into the deliciously enriching world of a book.

At Blooming Club, we aim to bring a balance into children's lives. Our aim is quite simply to MAKE READING FUN!

You will find an eclectic selection of quality English books at Blooming Club, both at our shops and on our website. Visit our home base at the children books corner at Causeway Bay Book Centre and Tsimshatsui Book Centre which carry thousands of titles of different reading levels ranging from toddlers to young adults. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you with your choice.

Click on to our website and you will find not just information on books, programmes and activities for adults and children, but also our special offers and regular e-newsletter.

Since launching in October 2009, we have connected with our members through our regular e-newsletter and fun and engaging activities such as story-tellings, meet-the-authors/illustrators, book launches, drama presentations at our corners as well as in schools through book fairs and special storytelling sessions.

There will be so much more coming up soon for both children and parents and anyone who loves reading. So stay tuned!

Join us today and keep yourself updated on our development and enjoy our membership benefits.

Our Advisory Committee

  1. Ms. Lilian Law, Executive Director, The Boys' & Girls' Club Association of Hong Kong
  2. Ms. Lilian Lui, Director, Perpetual Parents Education & Resource Centre
  3. Mrs. Judith M.Luk, former headmistress of the Chung Chi Nursery School, CUHK
  4. Mrs. Janet Mann, Chairperson, Battle of the Books
  5. Prof. P.C. Wong, Chairperson, Committee on Home-School Co-operation
  6. Mrs Winnie Wong, Chief Executive Officer, Treasure House, Noah's Ark