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Story Time: The Big Adventures of Lulu the Hong Kong Cat (09/03/2013)

Venue Olympian City Branch,
Shop 115, 1/F, Olympian City 1, 11 Hoi Fai Road, West Kowloon, Kln.
Speaker Ms. Ellen WY Leou
Host Ms. Christa Tam


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Our members are really talented!

Seven of them brought a drawing of their favourite cat to our Lulu the Hong Kong Cat story time on 13 March 2013. What a delight it was! Each one was so lovely and special that we feel that we have some painters and illustrators in the making. They had the chance to show their pictures to Ms Ellen Leon, the author and illustrator of Lulu the Hong Kong Cat, and were greatly encouraged by her kind words.

Just like these children, the Hong Kong-based architect from California loves drawing. Having lived in Hong Kong for 15 years, her love of the uniqueness of the local culture has inspired her to put the adventures of Lulu, her cat, in both words and pictures set in various locations in the city. There are the crowded streets, the Cha Chann Teng, clothing accessories shops, Sham Shui Po……, places that usually seem mundane and not properly appreciated. 

Through Lulu's big adventure in the first story when she snuck out from her home, and got lost, the audience was brought around Hong Kong, meeting a cat, a rat, and two dogs who either chased Lulu away or wouldn't bother with her because she was unfashionable. What's worst, she was even chased by a gang of roaches! Ms Leon told the story with enthusiasm and great timing, the result of reading stories to her own young daughter everyday. What a relief it was for our members when Lulu finally found her way home. What's more, a surprise party attended by her good friends was waiting for her. Lulu then realised that home is the best adventure of all.

With the promise that Lulu and her owner Jade would go together on any adventure, the second book, Christmas In Sham Shui Po, features both of them taking a trip into an old district which is teeming with life. Again, each vividly drawn water colour picture told the story itself. Our members enjoyed meeting all the memorable characters along the way and found out in the end that it was more than just an adventure, it was about the friendship between the two – the presents they gave each other had all their love and heart in it.

Thank you, Ms Leou, for the stories and the celebration of life in Hong Kong!
Thank you, everyone, for coming.
Thank you, children, for sharing your pictures with us! 

Happy reading and happy drawing!