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Pushkin Children’s Books

“The books on the Pushkin Children’s list reflect the very best stories from around the world, for our most discerning readers of all: children.”

Starting from 2013, this young publisher has been working so hard to bring books from different languages and cultures to her young readers. With the wonderful various stories from picture books and adventure stories to fairy tales and classics, Pushkin lead the youngsters to a broad, colourful world of imagination.

The team thinks that there has been too little attention paid to translated books for older children, especially children aged 5 - 10. They are moving on to translate amazing stories from overseas to English, which allows children in the UK to share the excitement and joy of reading them. From the books on the Pushkin Children’s list, we can know the very best children’s stories all around the world, and this is Pushkin Children’s Book’s mission.

Find out Pushkin Children’s books at our designated stores at a 12% discount offer:

- Tsimshatsui Book Centre (Shop B108-B113,B115 & B139, B1, Mira Place One, 132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong)

- Causeway Bay Kiddyland (Basement, 68 Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay, H.K.)

* Now until 18 Oct 2017.


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