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Anthony Brown's Greenaway Award-winning classic Gorilla celebrates 30 years with a special anniversary edition which will certainly delight the new generation of readers. It is an enchanting story about Hannah's magical visit to the zoo with her toy gorilla turned real one dressed like her father who never has time for her. The pictures are stunning and convey the message and feelings of the characters brilliantly.

New readers will certainly shriek with laughters in Tigers and Spies, a double Daisy adventure now available in the Colour First Reader series. In 006 And A Bit, Daisy is playing spy. Here she is in disguise and has created her own spy language; alas, she can find no one to understand her secret codes. Will she ever be understood? In Tiger Ways, Daisy has been adopted by tigers and quickly learns the tiger way. But how can she get the tigers and Mum to do things the Daisy way? These two fantastically imaginative stories are perfect for 5 + readers.

Hong Kong is the place Alfie and his sister, Emilia, visit in Recipe for Adventure by Emmy Award-winning host, Giada De Laurentiis! It is the third book in her new series for children ages 7 – 9. The series is about how everything changes for Alfie and Emilia when Zia, their great-aunt shows up – and adds a little magic to their lives. In this adventure, Zia's secret ingredients take them to Hong Kong where they meet Ying and her family and are whisked into helping with the opening of their restaurant! This easy-to-read fun series is wonderful for children. The chapters are short and the illustrations are lovely. It will foster their interest in food, other places and different cultures. Each book includes two recipes. Isn't it nice to cook together after finishing the book?

Bestselling author, James Patterson's new illustrated series Treasure Hunters is a treasure itself, especially for pre-teens (and teens as well) who love action, humour and adventures! This story is about four siblings on The Lost, a sailing ship which is their home, trying to carry on the family's treasure hunting business after their world famous oceanographer and treasure hunter father went missing, three months after their mother's disappearance in Cyprus. There is an edge to the obstacles they encounter in their search for treasure as well as the truth surrounding their parents' disappearance that keeps readers turning the page. Accompanied the story are really great illustrations, making it perfect for readers making the transition to full length novels.

Newbery Award winner author, Rebecca Stead's Liar and Spy is a wonderfully touching storybook not to be missed. Winner of Guardian Children's Fiction Prize 2013, it is an original story about a boy called Georges who meets Safer, a twelve-year-old self-appointed spy, in his new apartment block. Georges becomes his spy recruit but, as Safer becomes more demanding, Georges starts to wonder: what is a game and what is a lie? And how far is too far to go for your only friend?