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It is never too soon to read a good book to your little ones. Leslie Patricelli's series about an adorable bald baby is just the one for every toddler. She does it again in her latest Toot. Contrary to your expectation, this book is not about a train; it is about a noisy body function, a subject dear to every toddler's heart! She does it in the funniest and cutest way to engage her youngest readers. You may find titles such as Blankie, Potty, Baby Happy Baby Sad, and Tubby which offer great help to parents in the simplest and effective ways while making books most fun for children.

The arrival of spring is a great chance to talk to children about the story of life. Joyce Dunbar's The Spring Rabbit is about Smudge who is the only rabbit with no brother or sister. He is told by his mother to wait until spring. Autumn and winter come and go. Will his dream ever come true? This charming story of the arrival of a new baby is perfect for children expecting new siblings.

Many young children love pets and even more like getting online too. Guinea Pigs Online is a new series that may well get pet and internet-loving kids to like reading. In the first book, Fuzzy the guinea pig loves the Internet as well as cooking. Coco doesn't care for computers. But when Fuzzy has gone missing after being lured by a restaurant ad looking for guinea pigs, Coco has to get online to search for him. Can she and her team of fellow guinea pigs save Fuzzy? This hilarious and witty tale is sure to make young children giggle.

Disney's animated movie and hundreds of different print editions in many languages all over the world have popularized Carlo Collodi Pinocchio for over a century. Michael Morpurgo's new edition of Pinocchio, illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark, retells this beloved story in the world famous puppet's own voice. Pinocchio comes to life as he journeys from Gepetto, the woodcarver's home to faraway lands in the master storyteller's unique interpretation. The stunning pictures make it perfect for shared reading with children.

Readers who love a good laugh will find bestselling author David Walliams' latest Demon Dentist unputdownable. In this original and hilarious story, children who put a tooth under their pillow for the tooth fairy find something creepy beneath their pillow instead. This story about evil at work gets readers hooked right from the start as they can't wait to find out who or what was behind it. Demon Dentist is the Winner of the Specsavers National Book Awards 2013 Children's Book of the Year.

It would be unthinkable for most teenage boys in Hong Kong to steal a car and go on a trip to nowhere. But in Why We Took The Car by Wolfgang Herrndorf, that's exactly what Mike, a guy considered quite boring, does one summer when Tshick, the odd new boy in school dares him to join him in this prank. The encounters that they have during the journey definitely lose them the label boring. This entertaining coming of age story is the Winner of The German Teen Literature Prize.