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Mo Willems's New York Times bestselling Cat the Cat series is now in board book format—the perfect baby gift! Kids will love making friends with Cat the Cat as she introduces you to her animal pals. This irresistible new series focuses on simplifying essential concepts through vibrant art, spare text, and repetition.

Join this spunky feline as she introduces younger readers to fun concepts like identifying animals. A surprise is waiting in every minibook.

And in signature Mo style, there's a gently funny twist at the end of each book!

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Following the success of her debut picture book, My Grandpa, which beautifully captures the loving relationship of an aging grandpa bear and his young grandson, Marta Altes once again shows in I Am An Artist that she is an exciting new talent to watch.

In her new book is a boy who sees art everywhere and can't stop creating because EVERYTHING inspires him. Whether it's a carrot, a hole, a mirror or a fridge, they all appear to him as art. Because his Mom doesn't understand him, he concocts the grandest plan to make her feel better about his creativity. Readers who are artists can easily relate to the boy whilst children who aren't yet so artistically aware may begin to see things around them in a rather different light... This is an inspirational and fun book to help bring out the artist and imagination in your child.

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Peppa Pig: School Bus Trip, Level 2 of Ladybird's Read it Yourself series, Peppa Pig and her friends are going on a school bus trip. What adventures will they have when they visit the mountains?

This is the latest in the Ladybird Read it Yourself series of character stories and traditional tales, written in a simple way for children who are learning to read. The series is divided into four levels. Level 1 is for children who are ready to take their first steps in reading. Level 2 is for beginner readers who can read short, simple sentences with help. Level 3 is for more confident readers who can read simple stories with help. Level 4 offers longer stories for more independent, fluent readers.

This series is suitable for ages 4-8.

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Judy Moody, everyone's favourite moody third-grader, is now starring in an all-new full coloured series just right for newly independent readers, Judy Moody and Friends.

In Jessica Finch in Pig Trouble, Jessica has a dream. A big pig dream. She dreams of having a pet pig. If she had a pig, they would read books together...and ride bikes...and have sleepovers. With her birthday coming up, Jessica hopes that, just maybe, her present will be a real-live pot belly pig. Jessica can hardly wait for her party with Judy Moody and all their friends. But Judy Moody is acting like a pig-head and Jessica UN-invites her from the party. To make matters worse, Jessica has snooped around the house and has found zero sign of a pig present. Could her birthday be any more of a disaster?

Geared to newly independent readers, this story will have Judy Moody fans in pig heaven. Each book comes with a lovely Judy Moody bookmark.

Pee! Gee! Wee! Gee! What on earth is all that noise about?

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Chris Colfer does it again in The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning, the third in the series! Ever since the twins Alex and Conner Bailey have discovered the Land of Stories (see book 1 below) where they come face to face with the fairy tale characters they have grown up with, their lives have changed. Just as Conner thinks that his adventures are behind him, he discovers a mysterious clue left by the famous Brothers Grimm. He has to set off on a mission across Europe to crack a two-hundred-year old code. In the meantime, Alex is training to become the next Fairy Godmother… but she doesn't seem to be truly ready to head the Fairy Council. It looks like the Land of Stories is heading for disaster… will Alex and Conner save the day? Find out how the twins are being put to the test. Actor and author Chris Colfer has packed the book with fantasy, adventure, humour, and emotion through his well-drawn characters.

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In Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper 10-year-old Melody is different from other children. She has cerebral palsy*. She cannot walk or talk, but she has a photographic memory. Not only that, contrary to expectation, she IS smart, perhaps smarter than most adults! Yet, nobody realises it. In short, she is trapped in her own body. However, she is determined to get people to understand her.

Having raised a child with disability, multiple award winning author, Sharon Draper, pays tributes to parents who struggle with disabled children, to children who are misunderstood and too those who look away in this moving book that will change the way readers look at disability. The Dever Post says, "If there's only one book teens and parents (and everyone else) can read this year, Out of My Mind should be it."

(*brain damage around the time of birth and marked by lack of muscle control)

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Infinite Sky is C.J. Flood's debut novel and the winner of the Branford Boase Award, made annually to the most promising book for seven year-olds and upwards by a first time novelist. It is a beautiful, delicate story about first love, friendship, forgiveness and prejudice.

Three months after her mother leaves, a family of gypsies sets up camp in the paddock by Iris's house. While her Dad wants their eviction, Iris is intrigued and has a secret friendship with Trick, the gypsy boy, which has blossomed into something more. In the meantime, with her mother gone, her beloved brother Sam who is very close to Mom, is heading for trouble. Dad is at a loss what to do. The family is simply falling apart.

Amid these circumstances, the 13-year-old Iris, like most teenagers has a lot of issues with which to struggle... As her character is very well developed, readers will truly feel for her and the people around her.

Judges of the award said that Infinite Sky is

"Utterly wonderful, and brilliantly written. It evokes a great deal from the small details."

"It absolutely captures the feelings and emotions of a young girl."