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Alphaprint: 123 is such a delight! Children will be surprised to see the combination of finger and thumb prints with sliced lemon, orange and lime to create three silly snails or macaroons to create cute caterpillars! In this very colourful and innovative book, designed to develop children's counting and number recognition skills, the prints are turned into an array of animals through the clever addition of simple illustrations and photographs. This is the perfect book to tickle toddlers' imaginations with its textured pages, rhymes to read and wonderful fingerprint creatures. It will work for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

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Does size matter in friendship?

Pig and Bug just want to be friends. But their size difference is proving to be a BIG problem. Pig wants to play games – but Bug is too small. Bug wants to make things for his friend – but Pig is too big! Just as they've given up all hope for their friendship, Pig has an idea… But will it work?

Find out in Pig and Small, Alex Latimer's fourth heartwarming and amusing picture book, which charmingly tells how the two endearing characters overcome difficulties to be friends. Fans who love his previous Lion Vs Rabbit will not want to miss this one. If you have yet to read his books, he is a new talent to watch.

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It's Sports Day and Daisy is going for gold! In Daisy and the Trouble With Sports Day, the eighth in the Daisy series by Kes Gray, Daisy is determined to win her race and she and best friend Gabby have been training hard. They're "in the zone"! They're sticking to a strict athlete's diet of Mars bars, Twiglets and cheese strings! Trouble is, everyone else in the class wants to win too... Will they win?

This series is great for emergent readers to get involved in 7 year old Daisy’s life which is told in first person and is always hilarious and easy to read.

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Buckle and Squash and the Monstrous Moat-Dragon by Sarah Courtauld is a story about two very different sisters – Eliza, who longs to ride into battle against villains and dragons, and Lavender, who would give anything to be a pampered princess. Before the end of the story both of them have had a chance to fulfil their dreams, although not quite in the way they intended...! Accompanied by their depressed goat, Gertrude, with their granny's warnings about the Black Death ringing in their ears, they head out into the forest and come face to face with an evil count who definitely does not have their best interests at heart... For fans of Cressida Cowell and Andy Stanton.

The History Keepers' third adventure is in China! Shocking news reaches headquarters, sending the time-travelling agents' in pursuit of their most villainous foe yet, Xiang Xi. The journey takes them from Shakespearean England to Imperial China in search of the villain, whose aim is to decimate the population and destroy the world's trade links. Jake, Nathan and Topaz must join forces with international agents in a race against the clock to stop Xiang Xi. At the heart of the battle lies the key to a long-lost family member – will Jake find his brother after all this time? The past is in danger - only Jake Djones can save it! Find out in The History Keepers: Night Trip to China by Damein Dibben.

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Many children want to be someone extraordinary, not Auggie Pullman, the ten year old boy in Wonder, the bestselling middle grade title by R.J. Palacio, a debut writer.

Born with a terrible facial abnormality, all Auggie wants to be is an ordinary ten-year-old. He has been home-schooled by his parents his whole life. Now, for the first time, he's being sent to a real school - and he's dreading it. All he wants is to be accepted - but can he convince his new classmates that he's just like them, underneath this face of his? Follow Auggie in his first year at Beecher Prep as he learns to cope with life amongst his peers, many of whom characters who are believable and likeable. This funny, frank, heartwarming, uplifting and moving debut novel is a gem not to be missed. This reissue edition is now with special new content The Julian Chapter about Julian, the boy who is asked to be Auggie’s welcome buddy but hates it. Now he has a chance to tell his side of the story.

Fans of the Divergent series by No.1 New York Times Bestselling author Veronica Roth will be thrilled by Four: A Divergent Collection, a companion volume that includes four pre-Divergent stories told from Tobias Eaton’s point of view.

Readers first encountered him as "Four" in Divergent. His voice is an integral part of Allegiant. Readers will find more of his charismatic character's back story in this new book. When read together, these long narrative pieces illuminates the defining moments in Tobias Eaton's life.

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