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It’s summer! Time to go to the seaside! Toddler Town: Seaside is an illustrated first word and picture board book with things for toddlers to look for – like little creatures in the rock pool, on and in the water, under the sea, food for the picnic and more. With die-cut holes and shiny, holographic foil textures, plus a clever page with an acetate window that creates two new pictures when flipped over, little ones will love to learn about the world around them with it.

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Dedicated to misunderstood teachers and their misunderstood students, Peter Brown's new book, MyTeacher Is a Monster, has a charming storyline that delights both teachers and students. It will most certainly help them understand each other better too. Robert thinks that Miss Kirby is a monster until he bumps into her in his favourite park. After having spent an enjoyable time together, he finds out that she is not quite the monster he thought she was; as his perception of Miss Kirby gradually changes, so does her appearance. Readers will love Peter Brown's sense of humour which shines through the illustrations - the gradual change of Miss Kirby from having greenish skin to brown to pink, from a more angular shape to a friendlier roundish one, from having paws with claws to human fingers, in short, from having a monster look to a normal human being. But is she still a monster? Readers are going to find out for themselves!

*In a message to Blooming Club, Peter explained the idea behind My Teacher is a Monster.

"The relationship between teachers and students is special. It can also be confusing, especially when the student is a young child. Children have uncontrollable imaginations, which change their experiences with the real world. When I was young, my favorite teachers seemed like family. And my least favorite teachers seemed like monsters. But over time, interacting with those "Monster Teachers" made me realize that they were people, and that they had a lot to offer, despite our differences. In a way, those teachers helped me learn the most important lessons of all. And since we've all known difficult teachers I decided to playfully explore that common experience with my new picture book."

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Sometimes keeping children occupied on holiday can be a challenge and a beautifully illustrated activity book that is entertaining and educational can do the trick.

Usborne Holiday Activity Book is packed full of puzzles, ideas for things to make and do, facts, jokes and doodling. There's a wide variety of mazes, word games and number puzzles to solve, codes to crack, things to spot, pictures to complete, easy-to-follow recipes and craft activities, and over 200 stickers to stick onto puzzles and scene - plus lots, lots more. This engaging book with lots of 'dip in and out' appeal add to the fun of the holiday!

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With billions of people all over the world having World Cup fever, Sally Gardner's The Boy With the Lighting Feet is just the story for young boys and girls who experience World Cup for the first time.

Timmy Twinkle is chubby and is bullied in school. He longs to play football but he is hopeless at games. After the summer holidays he can run as fast as lightning and bend the ball like a professional footballer. How does he do it? Is it magic? This wonderful story about a boy's dream come true is part of the Magical Children series about magical experience that change children's lives for the better. Sally Gardner is the winner of the prestigious Costa Children’s Book Award and the CILIP Carnegie Medal.

'Gardner's timely, touching tale, told in clear, warm prose, has all the satisfaction of a good fairy story" – The Times – Amada Craig

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Osbert The Avenger, the first book in The Tales From Swartzgarten series, s gruesomely funny tale for boys and girls who enjoy Roald Dahl and Lemony Snicket. Osbert Brinkhoff, a pale, quiet, bespectacled boy, small for his age, is the unlikeliest of avengers. But things take a turn when Osbert seeks revenge after being expelled from The Institute for daring to question the principal who has deprived him of a prize in spite of his perfect score. This is tale of dark delights and ghastly goings-on, of injustice and revenge.

This book is The Sunday Times Top Summer Read 2013. If you missed this book last summer, don't miss this cool read this summer! And try the second book too, The Woebegone Twins!

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Bestselling author of The Boy In the Striped Pyjamas has done it again in bringing the war history closer to readers, this time with a touching story about a boy and his father who went to WW1 in Stay Where You Are and Then Leave.

Alfie Summerfield was celebrating his 5th birthday on 28 July 1914 with his family and neighbours when First War World broke out. His father went to war the following day. Correspondence stopped all of a sudden because his father was supposedly on a special secret mission. Four years later, Alfie accidentally found out that his father was in a hospital for soldiers with unusual condition. Determined to rescue his father from this strange place, Alfie did the unthinkable for a nine-year-old or anyone! This is a war story about love, survival, secrets and lies that is not to be missed especially on the 100th anniversary of the First World War.

"An instant classic" – Eoin Colfer.

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In More Than This by Patrick Ness, a 17 year-old boy called Seth drowns; he is desperate in his final moments. He dies. Then he wakes, naked and bruised and thirsty, but alive. How can this be? And what is this strange deserted place? As he struggles to understand what is happening, he dares to hope. Might this not be the end? Might there be more to this life, or perhaps this afterlife?

As Seth searches for an answer in a little suburb in England where he spent his early childhood before a tragedy happened and the family moved to the Pacific Northwest, readers will be gripped, joining him in his mysterious and sometimes thought-provoking journey.

Patrick Ness is the winner of the 2012 Carnegie Medal and 2012 Kate Greenaway Medal for A Monster Calls. It is the first time, in the Awards' 75 year history, that one book has won both prizes!

"Books are often described as "mind-blowing" but his is one of the books in which, while reading it, I have exclaimed aloud, "Oh. My.God." on multiple occasions… Just read it" – John Green, author of The Fault In Our Star

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