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Sarah Brennan has been mesmerizing readers for the past eight years with a new animal in the Chinese zodiac in her Chinese Calendar series as the Lunar New Year nears. The stories are the results of her fascination with Chinese history and culture as well as her vivid imagination. She welcomes each year with a compelling story blended with her originality and interesting facts about China which readers can't learn in their classrooms. Sarah has made thousands of children interested in Chinese culture through her books and in person during her visits to schools not just in Hong Kong but also Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney, Los Angeles, London, Oxford and Edinburgh.

Since the day a decade ago when she teamed up with Harry Harrison, Hong Kong's famous cartoonist for the South China Morning Post, to illustrate A Dirty Story, her first book, his quirky illustrations have brought to life each one of her rhyming stories that followed. Hong Kong's own Sarah Brennan's books stand out among the pictures books on our shelves. Read on for our interview with her and find out more about her and her one-of-a-kind stories.

About Sarah Brennan

Sarah Brennan is the author of the popular Dirty Story series and of the bestselling Chinese Calendar Tales, all illustrated by Harry Harrison.

Born in Tasmania, Australia, she grew up on the slopes of Mount Wellington with bush animals, goats and exotic poultry. She also played the bagpipes (at the very bottom of the garden) and wrote lots of stories and poems which she kept in a big pink plastic bag! Sarah worked for ten years as a medical lawyer in London before moving to Hong Kong in 1998. She is also the author of the seditiously naughty parenting advice manual Dummies for Mummies: What to Expect When You’re Least Expecting.

Sarah lives in Hong Kong with her French husband, two daughters and an opinionated cocker spaniel, visiting China, Singapore, he UK and Australia, as well as the US and Canada by Skype, on a regular basis.

Her books:

The Tale of Rodney Ram

Rodney Ram is gorgeous, from his ear tips to his toes. But there's just one problem; he is shy and he doesn't want to lead his flock! When famine grips Guangdong province, the sheep are in danger and they want a sturdy leader instead. Poor Rodney is forced to leave the farm, but with an awful lot of luck he finds his place in the world, at the same time saving the villagers in Guangzhou!

The Tale of Rodney Ram, the latest and the ninth in the Chinese Calendar Tales, is yet another of Sarah Brennan's entertaining and unique concoction of facts and imagination. Readers can enjoy a great story and learn about the background of this fun read - the Legends of the Five Ram of Guangzhou and the history of how rice become an important staple in China.

The Tale of the Dark Horse

It's 135BC and the Emperor Han Wudi is desperate for a horse…but not just any horse! The horse he wants is the life and soul of every party! In the Tale of the Dark Horse, amazed by the legend of the Stallion from the West brought home by travelers, Emperor Han Wudi tries every means to have this handsome creature captured. Yet the wild and free dark horse remains dignified in captivity. A relationship of mutual respect is then formed between them as the Emperor treats him with kindness. When the horse returns to the roving life he loves the most in the end, he has left the Emperor with the prosperity that he foretold and loving memories of him. This is not just an original and haunting story but also an interesting lesson on history of the fabulous Silk Road and the great Han Emperor's conquests to the West and the legendary "heavenly horses" of the Fergana Valley.

"This charmingly haunting (and hauntingly charming) tale will delight readers of all ages." John Carroll, Professor of History, University of Hong Kong.

The Tale of Sybil Snake

The Tale of Sybil Snake is about Sybil Snake, the Emperor's favourite pet that everyone adores. She's beautiful, slender and extremely charming. But all is not as it seems, because Sybil is more of an enchantress than meets the eye!

This story is a mystery that is full of surprises which intrigue readers – from the treasure Sybil Snake steals to her banishment from the court, her reincarnation to her marriage to the deceased Emperor's son, and from the disappearance of her husband and to her ascension to the throne. Readers are sure to be amazed and amused by her crafty way to become the woman Emperor.

Who else would ever think of weaving a story which blends Wu Zetian, China's only woman Emperor, and the legendary Lady White Snake together, apart from Sarah? Ssss..ss..ss.

Do not miss this highly imaginative tale told in exuberant language and rhyme.

A Dirty Story

A Dirty Story, Sarah Brennan's first book, is a hilarious cautionary tale for boys and girls who don't like putting away their toys. In the town of Neat where everything is bright and tidy and in the town of Grot where everything is messy and dirty, their inhabitants couldn't be more different, in fact - they are arch-enemies. On the eve of the annual Tidy Town Competition, while the Neats are working day and night to make their town look exactly right, the Grots hatch a dastardly plan to sabotage the competition. As the judges come to the end of the round to check out the Neats, the unexpected happens! Readers will roar with laughter at the rollicking fun with fast-paced rhyme and the wonderfully detailed illustrations by the Sarah Brennan and Harry Harrison duo.

Other books by Sarah Brennan:

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